Why Being a Quick Learner in Healthcare IT Doesn’t Matter

A Healthcare IT recruiter’s frustrating perspective on candidates who are not a good fit for a particular HIT position who feel that being a “quick learner” will help them overcome this roadblock

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard [perfect_quotes id=”8122″] in my recruitment career I could retire right now.  It seems to be a theme when someone is told that they do not have the right qualifications for the role they have applied for.

Now I’m not completely lacking compassion.  It is certainly understandable that in the current job market some people are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Over-qualified for many roles and also under-qualified for many roles, so when they don’t match certain specifications they are eager to point out that they could learn quickly – hoping to score an interview and convince the potential employer to take a risk on them.
While that might work when a candidate is dealing directly with their potential employer, it will not work when applying for a position through a staffing firm or consulting firm.  Both staffing and consulting firms are retained by their clients to find very experienced people with very specific qualifications.  Either the client has tried to find someone matching their desires without success or possibly they don’t have a dedicated recruiter and need outside assistance to fill their open positions. The firm is then provided a list of the client’s requirements and those requirements must be adhered to when submitting candidates for consideration.

This is an important reason why the resume you submit to the firm should be a good representation of your qualifications as they pertain to the job listing.  If you are reading a job posting and you feel you are well qualified, before you click “send” … make sure that your experience with each of the requirements is clearly stated in your resume and in your cover letter!

If you are on the phone with a recruiter from a firm and they ask you if you have experience with a certain EMR system [or other requirement] and you express that you do not… and they tell you they are sorry but you are not a fit for the position, there is no point in arguing with them or expressing that you are a “quick learner”.  Their client has given them that list and if you are not a match for the items on that list they are not able to present your resume.  All recruiters know which items on that list are negotiable with their client and which aren’t.  If a recruiter is expressing to you during or after your discussion with them that your qualifications are not a fit, don’t take offense, just understand that according to the specifications of their client, your experience and skills do not match the requirements.

While there are always exceptions to the rule, most  recruiters have a firm understanding of their client’s needs.  Rest assured that recruiters want to fill the position as badly as you want to fill the position.  If they felt there was any possibility that your qualifications might be of interest to their client, they would submit your resume.  If you have been told you are not a fit, feel free to inquire why and if you are lacking specific qualifications, thank the recruiter for their time and let them know what type of position you are seeking and you hope to speak to them again in the future.

If you have had issues with Recruiters that lack understanding of your qualifications or are calling you on positions that are unrelated to your area of expertise, please see my previous blog about those topics.

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