TRLS Healthcare Consultancy and Kathmandu International Hospital forge innovative alliance to elevate healthcare excellence in Nepal

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New Delhi [India], October 26: TRLS Healthcare Consultancy and Kathmandu International Hospital are thrilled to announce an exciting and ground-breaking partnership aimed at revolutionizing healthcare services in Kathmandu, Nepal. This collaboration brings together two healthcare industry leaders and promises a wide array of advantages for both medical professionals and the patients they serve.

TRLS Healthcare Consultancy, founded in 2018, has dedicated itself to enhancing healthcare management through exceptional project planning, design, development, and operational management services. With an impressive portfolio of ongoing projects, including more than 1500 beds distributed across India and Nepal, they are steadfast in their commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and delivery.

Kathmandu International Hospital, established in 2021, is a proposed multi-specialty hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, with construction already underway and expected to be completed by mid-2024.

Says DR GOPAL SHARAN, Managing Director of TRLS Healthcare Consultancy: “As we embark on this transformative journey, the alliance between our healthcare consultancy and Kathmandu International Hospital represents a milestone in our commitment to delivering a new era of healthcare excellence. Together, we bring together the clinical expertise of KIH and the strategic insights of our consultancy to create a healthcare system that prioritizes quality, affordability, and patient-centric care.”

This unique partnership has the potential to bring about several significant improvements in healthcare services on ground naming few possibilities:

* Quality Improvement: The partnership is dedicated to implementing best practices and evidence-based guidelines to enhance patient care, reduce medical errors, and improve overall patient outcomes.

* Operational Efficiency: By streamlining hospital operations to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize resource allocation, this collaboration aims to ensure the most effective use of available resources.

* Strategic Planning: Collaborative efforts will revolve around long-term strategic planning, potentially involving expansion and service line development.

* Technology Integration: The partnership will evaluate and implement new healthcare technologies, such as electronic health records (EHR) and telemedicine, to enhance patient care and data management.

* Regulatory Compliance: A priority will be to ensure that the hospital complies with all relevant healthcare regulations, staying up-to-date with changing laws and requirements.

DR HARISH CHANDRA NEUPANE, Chairman of Kathmandu International Hospital: “It is with great pleasure and anticipation that we announce our recent association with TRLS Healthcare Consultancy. This association is a significant step in our journey to elevate healthcare in the region and beyond. Together, we are poised to redefine the very essence of healthcare delivery.”

The partnership encompasses Project Advisory, MEP Audit, and Medical Planning services, each contributing to enhanced patient care, specialized centres of excellence, market expansion, research and education, cost savings, and community engagement.

TRLS Healthcare Consultancy and Kathmandu International Hospital are united in their commitment to delivering a new era of healthcare excellence. This association combines the clinical expertise of KIH with the strategic insights of TRLS, creating a healthcare system that prioritizes quality, affordability, and patient-centric care.

The partnership marks a significant step toward achieving excellence in healthcare delivery, with a focus on quality, efficiency, and patient-centred care.

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